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Our division has six certified nephrologists on its staff. It is the largest establishment specializing in the treatment of kidney damage, and progressive renal diseases in Changhua County and the nearby vicinity. We perform kidney biopsies and sonographic studies for the diagnosis of kidney diseases and kidney transplantation. For dialysis service, we set up a hemodialysis (HD) center for hemodialysis, a peritoneal dialysis (PD) center for peritoneal dialysis, and portable dialysis service. The HD center operates 50 hemodialyzers and consoles for plasmaphereis and charcoal hemoperfusion. The PD Center manages continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis. We treat critical patients in the intensive care unit with continuous arterio-venous hemofiltration(CAVH) , continuous veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) and sustained low efficiency daily dialysis (SLEDD) are supported as necessary. The Chronic Kidney Disease Center offers information and counseling for various kidney diseases in early stages.
The details of our facilities are described as followed :

It is one of the nation’s pioneers in CKD education and case management of renal transplantation patients, recognized by the Taiwan Association of Nephrology as the paradigm center.

It enables complete treatments for acute and chronic kidney diseases, complications, and related clinical symptoms

It provides treatments for acute and chronic kidney diseases, such as uremia syndrome, drug toxicity, severe edema, metabolic acidosis, plasma exchange.

CAPD unit is located at a comfortable, well-designed environment with systematic working area, where experienced physicians and nursing staffs have excellent quality control management.

The division of Nephrology is best known for its offering a caring, comprehensive, standardized and patient-centered CKD management. It is working toward becoming an international leader in the care of patients with CKD. The CKD education center is the pioneer of this kind of treatment and has the reputation for being the most caring CKD network in the nation. In addition, its utilization of the CKD database greatly facilitated the management of quality of care in the center. In a multidisciplinary approach, the care management of this division is integrated among specialized nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, social workers, and related specialties, thereby providing the highest levels of medical care to patients. Not only does the division provide care for patients, it also plays an important role in teaching clerks and medical residents, by holding routine meetings and seminars.

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